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About the production

It was back in 1999 that writer/director Simon Cox, decided to start his Star Wars/War of the Worlds inspired science fiction movie, which was originally  called, Kaleidoscope Man. The first draft of the script was finished in 2003 and from then on, he embarked on an epic journey as he struggled to get the script financed.

After years of pitching to the UK film industry and private investors, a small amount of money was raised which Simon used to produce a pilot and for concept art to be created. However, it soon became apparent that funding this movie in what was then, the traditional way, was not going to happen. So, in 2012, Simon took the bold decision to crowdfund the film using social media.

It took two years and seven campaigns for Simon and his team to raise a significant amount of money which enabled them to shoot around a third of the movie. These included some spectacular scenes in Central Birmingham where at one point nine hundred extras turned up to be blasted by aliens in an epic, War of the Worlds style battle scene. 

Simon then found some investors who financed the rest of the movie. However, this took time and once the live action scenes were finally shot, the special effects took another two and a half years to complete.  So in total, the movie was in production for seven years with ten years before that in development. 

The film was finally finished in March 2019. Simon held four test screenings across the UK to gauge the audience reaction. It was at this stage that the film was renamed to a more fitting title – Invasion Planet Earth. 

The film was recently picked up for UK distribution by Munro Films and will hit cinemas on the 5th December 2019. This will be followed by a  DVD and digital release by Lightbulb Distribution which will be across all UK platforms.