Invasion Planet Earth

You have seen the film on Amazon, now download & play the game to be in with the chance of winning some out of this world prizes!

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There are two ways to win – either by playing the game & achieving high scores, we will announce on social media or just sheer luck when we randomly select the winners from people who have completed the form above!


Play our game to be in with the chance of winning these prizes!

  • 20 Signed DVD's (Invasion Planet Earth)
  • 10 Signed movie posters (Invasion Planet Earth)
  • 5 Thank you credits on the movie (Of Infinite Worlds)
  • 5 X 2 Tickets to the UK premiere (Of Infinite Worlds)

Sponsorship rewards

Want to support  us further to receive exclusive rewards?

  • 1 x Family or work team to appear as extras in the movie (Of Infinite Worlds) (£20,000)
  • 1 x Photograph on set with the director, camera team and possibly with some of the cast. (Of Infinite Worlds) (£20,000)
  • 1 x A day in the studio (they can come and watch us film & help etc) (Of Infinite Worlds) (£15,000)
  • 2 X Private screening where the director brings a projector to their home/business and screens the film - and motivational talk etc. (Invasion Planet Earth or Of Infinite Worlds) (£15,000)
  • 5 X Private screening for investor/team with the director (Possibly in a West End screening room). (Of Infinite Worlds) (£12,000)
  • 5 X 2 (or family of 4) Tickets to the UK premiere (Of Infinite Worlds) (£5,000)