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bbc midlands today

"Independent UK cinema needs to be given a chance!"
INVASION PLANET EARTH director, Simon Cox on BBC Midlands today.

starburst - review - 8/10

Invasion Planet Earth  is an entertaining twist on the invasion theme that injects some thought about our planet and how we've messed it up. A science fiction film for our Extinction Rebellion era.

BRITFLICKS - Review 8/10

INVASION PLANET EARTH has that old fashioned thing that film makers used to have called, ‘vision!'

midlands movies - Review 8/10

The film doesn’t hold back by tackling global issues and inserting well-handled action sequences and a dash of drama into its narrative. Bask in Invasion Planet Earth's  remarkable ambitions which aim for the sky but actually hit the stars.

Vulture hound - review - 4/5

An achievement in itself. This is the sort of low budget science fiction film that deserves to be seen.

blazing minds - review - 4/5

Fan of science fiction will really love this movie!

film stories - review - 3/5

There’s a pretty set path for low budget sci-fi movies that, to its credit, Invasion Planet Earth wilfully ignores.

The guardian - review - 2/5

Ludicrously Ambitious Low Cost Sci-Fi!

film & tv now - review - 3/5

INVASION PLANET EARTH is a mix of influences, from its’ BUCK ROGERS opening coupled with SPACE 1999-style music and the subtext of Tarkovsky’s classic 1972 film SOLARIS. Some decent CGI FX, the spirit of ATTACK THE BLOCK and INDEPENDENCE DAY.

limited release - from dream to reality

An outstanding indie film by any standards. Grab some popcorn, relax, set back and let the invasion begin


Blogger and curator at the London Screenwriter's Festival, Chris Jones, explains what he thinks creative people could gain from the story behind Invasion Planet Earth.

A very british take on the sci-fi genre

Mike and Richard from The DTV Digest review Invasion Planet Earth (Podcast).

a science-fiction movie that brings spaceships to Birmingham

Sophie Cox discusses the story behind Invasion Planet Earth with some great advice for aspiring filmmakers. 


Terry Lander chats with Invasion Planet Earth director, Simon Cox about putting the film together, crowdfunding and having a general release in UK cinemas.

Ipe on stage at comicon (nov 2019)

Chris Jones hosts a fascinating talk with the director, cast and sound team behind the movie.

review  - birmingham live

Write up in Birmingham Live.

deadline (hollywood news!)

Front page news in major Hollywood newspaper (Sept 2019).

Filmwire - interview with simon cox

Two decades ago, filmmaker Simon Cox had an idea for a science fiction movie..,.

Interview with actor danny steele

Danny discusses how he created the character of Floyd in Invasion Planet Earth with Big Picture Film Club.

Interview Simon Cox - Filmmakers podcast

Giles Anderson interviews Invasion Planet Earth, Writer & Director, Simon Cox,  about his 17 year journey to get the movie made and distributed in UK cinemas.